Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization Service

What exactly is a weed control and fertilization program?

Weed control is ridding your lawn of the common, unwanted plant material while fertilizing turf for healthy, green grass.

For Oklahoma homeowners, weeds are dandelions, goosegrass, crabgrass, chickweed, clover, foxtail, spurge, henbit, dallisgrass, and nutsedge.

The best way to prevent all of these weeds from taking over your lawn is with our Weed Control and Fertilization Program that utilizes a 7-step application process throughout the year.


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Lawn Care Application Schedule and Components

The first 2 applications contain a post-emergent (to rid your lawn of existing weeds) and a pre-emergent (prevents future weeds from growing).

From there you will receive three applications of custom-blended fertilizers that Evergreen Landscaping has specifically developed for our Oklahoma soil. This fertilizer is slow release and contains micronutrients such as iron. This will give you a thick, luscious green lawn without fast growth causing the need to mow more than necessary.

The last 2 applications are a fall pre-emergent to prevent winter weeds and a winterizer for a healthy lawn for the following spring season.

7-Steps Breakdown

Optional, but often recommended – For additional weed protection, we offer a nine-step program that includes two additional fertilizer applications, with optional grub and fungus control. Contact us to discuss how we can best address your weed control needs.

For any additional questions reach out to us!