Mosquito Control Program

Evergreen Landscaping was one of the first in the industry to invest in the training and equipment for the highly effective treatment of mosquito control.  These applications target the exact areas mosquitoes rest and lay their eggs thus eliminating these blood sucking pests from biting you in your yard.

If you are one to dread summer nights, this treatment is life changing.  Enjoy cookouts and special events with your family without the agony of itching and whelps on your loved ones!  Call for pricing and to schedule your seasonal treatment today!

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Evergreen Interior/Exterior Pest Control Program

What makes Evergreen Pest Program unique?  While our techs are out servicing your property for weed control and fertilization, they are able to identify what types of exterior pests may be in your yard and around your house.  Rather than calling, scheduling, and paying another company to come out to your home, let Evergreen certified techs spray in and around your home for pests.

We will do an initial interior spray along with 3 foot barrier around the exterior of your home. Our techs will then do a routine exterior spray every 4-6 weeks in conjunction with your weed control program. Having regular exterior barrier applications will keep us from having to spray but annually on the inside of your home where your family spends the majority of their time.

What’s great is you get discounted pricing and create value since we are already for your routine weed control and fertilization. No ant, scorpion, or spider can beat that!

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Specialty Pest Add-Ons

Flee and Tick Application
(to be applied every 6 weeks through the season)

Grub Control
(up to 2 granular applications needed for these pests that eat the roots of your lawn)

Gophers, Moles, & Voles
(we offer a poison bait system or a trapping system)

Mole Crickets
(they create mounds of dirt in your lawn and are treated in the late summer and fall months)

(we are exclusively licensed for a treatment to steam out bedbugs)