What lawn care services do you offer?

  • Weed Control & Fertilization Program
  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Christmas Light Installation

If you have any questions about our services, please give us a call at 285-7599.

I need weed control and fertilization, but why should I sign up for the 7-Step Weed Control and Fertilization Program?

You may be visiting our website because you saw our sign posted in a beautifully green yard. That’s because we’ve worked to establish a reputation of having the greenest yards around. The only way we can have that reputation is through continuous treatment. There’s no such thing as a one-time shot to getting a green yard for any long period of time. Your yard looks the way it does today because of what you did to it 3 months ago. It’s a continuous cycle that needs to be maintained.

Can I cancel the 7-Step Weed Control and Fertilization Program at any time?

Yes – but you won’t want to. We don’t do contracts because we believe our work speaks for itself. We don’t want to trap you into being our customer. If you like the way your lawn looks, you’re going to want us to continue service on it. We understand if unforeseen circumstances occur and you’re unable to continue treatment, but we’re confident you’re going to love the results.

How can I pay?

We offer a 7% pre-payment discount on services as long as they are paid in full before the end of January. For reoccurring services, we require a credit card to be kept on file; your card will be charged the next business day after you service is performed. If you have any issues with a treatment, it must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of service. For credit card payments that are not on auto-pay, there is a 3% service fee. There is no credit card fee for auto-pay customers.

Can I get a refund on my pre-payment?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer a refund on pre-payments. If you think you could be moving within the year or are unsure about a long-term relationship with us, we recommend paying as you go.

What happens if it rains on my service day?

When rain comes we are unable to work, and your service will be moved to the following day, or as soon as it dries up.

What is your hourly rate for miscellaneous services?

We offer a labor rate of $45.00 per man, per hour, for general services. These include: bed maintenance, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, etc.

What is your minimum charge for services?

We have a $75 minimum fee for general services.

My yard was treated, but I still see weeds. What should I do?

Call our office, and we will schedule spot treatment as needed, free of charge.

When should I water my yard after a lawn or pest treatment? What if it rains? When can my pets and children go outside?

Your tech will leave an instruction card on your front door to let you know when you can water your lawn. In general, once the treatment dries, it’s set. It takes less than a couple hours to dry. Once dry, it’s also safe for pets and children to be on turf.

What should I do with my pets on the day of my lawn or pest treatment?

We’ll call you a day before we visit to let you know we’re coming out. Please make arrangements for your pets to stay inside the house or with a neighbor. Please leave the gate unlocked to allow our technicians easy access to your yard.

Mail and address checks to:
Evergreen Landscaping
2613 Linda Lane
Edmond, OK 73103